Tech artist pipeline

Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Remote / In House

Role overview

As a Tech Artist Pipeline you will be working with our team developing a AAA character creator tool that will be part of the virtual experiences of the future.

Necessary Skills:

  • Advanced knowledge of Python 2/3.
  • Experience working with PySide/PyQt.
  • Knowledge of databases (MySQL, Mongo db).
  • If you come from an artistic production background (Generalist, Tech Artist, Rigger, etc):
    • Knowledge and experience with programming concepts such as Object Oriented Programming, Test Driven Development, Software Design.
    • Experience in Version Control with (Git, Perforce).
  • If you come from a programming background:
    • Knowledge or interest in DCC applications such as Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine or similar.
    • Knowledge or interest in video game development.
    • Artistic interests.
  • Experience in CGI production for VFX, animation or video games.
  • Knowledge of C++ is a plus, but not exclusive.

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